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Homeloan Guru
17 Willow Rd, Springfield NSW 2250






Standard Residential, Self Employed, Structure Investment Portfolios, Debt Consolidation

Diploma in Financial Planning, Diploma in Mortgage Finance, Diploma in Corporate Management, Banking Apprenticeship Switzerland

40 years experience in Banking & Finance

English, German, French, Thai

You don't need to run from lender to lender yourself, getting bamboozled by ever changing jargon.

You come and see us and we will sit down with you and find out exactly what your personal circumstances are, what you want from your loan and anything else that influences the choice of home loan, including what your aims and ambitions are, where you want to go over the next few years.

Based on that information, we then come up with a short list of loans that best fit the picture from our database containing all major lenders in the Australian Market.

You pick the one you like best and we help you get it by putting the application together and submitting it on your behalf. All that is at no cost to you as we get paid by the lenders for basically doing the bank manager’s job.

Is that the kind of service you are looking for?

Homeloan Guru