Enter a free listing

To begin your business listing, enter basic business details to create a free listing. After the basic free listing details have been saved you will be able to upgrade to a featured listing if you wish, and then you can enrich your listing with the wide range of options and media available to paid subscribers.

To see a full-sized section of the page that is displayed in any step in the account registration process, just click the thumbnail image for that step.

freelisting01  1. To begin your free business listing, log in to MortgageBroker.com.au, go to your account dashboard, and click the SUBMIT NEW action in the dashboard sub-menu.

2. Fill in the basic free listing details.

Please note: The location map for your business listing will not find your business street location until after your basic free listing has been saved and approved, but you must still enter your address in order to save your basic listing. After your listing has been approved you will need to update the street address again to complete the listing (see below). This is particularly important for featured listings, because your business street address becomes the destination for the location map and driving directions on your listing details page.


3. After you have saved your basic details, you will see a message about pending Administrator approval of your listing.

All new listings must be approved to ensure they are bona fide and not malicious. Approval will normally be given within one business day.

You will also receive an email acknowledgement of your new listing details. You can check the status of your pending listings by logging into your dashboard and viewing your entries.

freelisting05 4. When your listing is approved you will receive an approval message in your email program.
freelisting06 5. When your listing has been approved, log back in to your account dashboard and click the List All option to list all your directory entries.

6. Click the Edit icon under the ACTION column to edit your listing. The Edit icon is the middle icon in the group of three under the ACTION column heading. It looks like this: Directory listing edit icon

WARNING: The Delete icon will delete your listing immediately. It looks like this: Directory listing delete icon


7. Scroll to the bottom of the listing page and re-enter the business address for this listing. This will allow Google Maps to locate the business address and you can confirm the exact location from Google Maps' list of suggested locations.

Now save your completed free listing.


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