Here you will find our glossary of terms.

Fee Simple

The estate in fee simple is the highest estate in the land, and it is the closest the law comes to recognising absolute ownership for all practical purposes. However, while we refer to a proprietor of an estate in fee simple (who is the owner for all practical purposes), their ownership is not legally absolute, for absolute legal ownership of all and rest with the Crown.

Charge (over property)

The term used to describe any right established over a borrower's property to secure a debt or performance of an obligation.


(Credit Reference Association of Australia) the company which used to record and hold credit information on everyone. Changed it name to 'Credit Advantage Limited' and more recently Baycorp Ltd.

Capital Gain

The financial gain you get when you sell something for more than you bought it. Maybe subject to capial gain's tax, which is paid on the gained amount.


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