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 DSC 7314white400width                                                                            Pepita Bowgen

Pepita has a Diploma in Financial Services – Mortgage Broking Management, and was a professional mortgage broker for over nine years.  She has been a wife for 22 and a mother for 16 years....and counting! She also works tirelessly as a volunteer in the local community.

During her time as a mortgage broker she saw a great lack of basic knowledge about personal finance, home loans and other financial products, the home loan process and what role a professional mortgage broker played in helping people obtain the most suitable products for their immediate and future financial needs.

The fact that the majority of attention shown to mortgage brokers in the early 2000's by the media was negative – due to the few who have taken the corrupt path - she also saw the need to advocate and support mortgage brokers in their vital role in the finance industry, and the lives of everyday people with finance needs.

These things prompted a new passion - MortgageBroker.com.au.   For 6 years now, she has continually worked to develop the professional relationship between individuals or families and their mortgage broker. Pepita has also provided informative and relevant information and tools to assist in making decisions whether buying, selling, renting, applying for finance or where to go for help when it is needed. 

Wisdom is the application of knowledge – so it is her hope that by providing information – and thus knowledge, individuals will be able to make wise decisions that bring them financial success.

Pepita is looking forward to developing this relationship further.  She will continue to work hard to broaden the knowledge of those making the biggest financial decisions in their lives, and to do her best to support and promote professional mortgage brokers working hard to make a positive difference to their clients lives.


 DSC 7011cut                                                                             David Bowgen

'The Ideas Man' has been involved in the mortgage broking industry for over 12 years.  He has a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, but his passion and real strengths are in the marketing, promotion and on-line presence areas. Mastering social media like Twitter and FaceBook in particular is next on the hit list.

He has enjoyed helping hundreds of mortgage brokers develop their businesses through website development, business tools and many other marketing areas.

When David and Pepita saw the need for a mortgage broker advocate and a consumer information service, he went to work coming up with his great 'ideas' and that is how MortgageBroker.com.au was born.

David has worked tirelessly over the past 7 years developing, improving and updating the website, always keen to keep up with the ever changing and evolving technology and resources that are available.  His aim is to provide these to mortgage brokers to keep them at the forefront when it comes to marketing and promoting their businesses in a very easy and cost effective manner. 

"Marketing isn't straight out of the box these days, you need to engage the marketplace and get your client to think of you as Mr or Mrs Fix it" says David. Clients like you to 'Think and Implement'.

In my opinion 'there is always room for improvement, and always more we can do'.



Our Purpose

This website contains some of Australia's finest mortgage brokers who are committed to promoting the highest degree of professionalism for its members and provide ethical and professional standards against which mortgage brokers can be measured. The broker industry plays a significant role in the mortgage lending process by increasing competition and driving down costs to the consumer.

Our aim is to educate the consumer in the home loan process, make you aware of the responsibilities that your broker has and also to raise public awareness of the mortgage industry in general.

All members listed are required to be a member of ASIC and MFAA or FBAA and have a current Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, all this is to protect the most valuable person in the world, YOU.


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