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Need a Home Loan for an Investment Property?

Do you need a home loan for investment property? Investment home loans are essentially the same as home loans used for owner occupied purposes – interest rates, facilities, options etc. Investment loans can be used for property purchase, or to purchase a share portfolio (The debt needs to be secured by property).  Either way, the use […]

How To Make An Offer

Making an offer on a home is so critical in the home buying process and should be considered very carefully. This is when you put pen to paper and specify how much you’re willing to pay for the home, and under what conditions you will buy (i.e. repairs requested, move-in date, etc.). A written offer […]

So you’re buying your first home!

You’re about to embark on the biggest financial milestone and committment in your life, well good on you……  So where do you start? Committing to a 30 year home loan is something you won’t want to take lightly, so it is important to do your research..and then do more research. Familiarise yourself with the mortgage process, […]

Your rights and obligations

During the home loan process each party involved has certain obligations and rights. The Lender must provide a credit contract which sets out the terms and conditions of the proposed transaction clearly. This often is referred to as the LETTER OF OFFER (LOO). It is important to check the LOO for correct details including interest […]

Home Buying Tip

Do you believe a home is only as good as the neighbourhood it’s in. If you find a home that meets most of your other home-buying requirements but resides in a neighbourhood you hate, you will never be happy. The same thing applies to the re-sale value of your home. A nice home in a […]

8 Tips to buying a home

Is auction a possibility? There is a great way to save your money when buying your home. Mortgagee In Possession real estate that go up for sale at auction. There are thousands of properties Australia wide that become seized every year due to bankruptcy that are being repossessed by banks and other home loan institutions. These […]

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