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Basics of Buying a Home

Know Your Wants And Needs Before embarking on your journey of house hunting, you must know what you really want to find. Sit down with pen and paper and list all the features you care most about, such as: – Location (in a particular city, school district or neighbourhood) – Size — how many bedrooms […]

Making Home Buying Fun

5 Steps to help make home buying FUN! The thought of home buying being fun might sound optimistic to some, and downright ridiculous to others. Sadly many who have been through the process of buying a home have described it in the exact opposite way…STRESSFUL, HARD, OVERWHELMING. We have noted five things to that will […]

Living in a great neighbourhood matters!

NASTY or NICE? When purchasing a home considering the neighbourhood is as important as the house!  If the neighbourhood is less than desirable chances are you will never be happy – no matter how ‘perfect’ the house is. Not only that, but the neighbourhood you choose to purchase in will affect the purchase price and […]

A few home buying hints

Things to think about buy a home Embarking on buying a home can be overwhelming to say the least!  We have tried to take some of the pressure away by compiling a basic check list to give you a head start in finding the right home for YOU. Before you begin the hunt for the […]

Would YOU buy YOUR home?

As the saying goes ‘First Impressions Last’! This works not only for the people we meet but the properties we see.So if you have decided to sell your home, give it the best chance at selling fast by making a great first impression.Put yourself in the buyers shoes and take an honest look at how […]

Agent or DIY, Do you really need a Real Estate Agent?

The answer to this question will amount to thousands, but there is much more involved than the financial matters. Selling your home can be one of the most stressful experiences you will endure in life.  So, will you employ an agent or try to sell it yourself?   Probably one of the biggest questions needed to […]

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