Home Buying Tip

Do you believe a home is only as good as the neighbourhood it’s in. If you find a home that meets most of your other home-buying requirements but resides in a neighbourhood you hate, you will never be happy.

The same thing applies to the re-sale value of your home. A nice home in a less-than-desirable neighbourhood becomes a less-than-desirable home. In other words, the value of your home is greatly determined by the area that surrounds it.


 Here are some of the ingredients that make up a good neighbourhood. You’ll have to evaluate each item based on your own home-buying priorities:

  • Safe, close to work, school and shopping.
  • Close to good doctors and hospitals
  • Clean and attractive
  • Conducive to your lifestyle and interests
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Well maintained


The internet is a great tool for conducting your research. It will help you determine which areas are worth visiting and which ones aren’t. 

Go visit the area and attend the local shopping centre. You will get what we mean.


  • You probably have a home-buying checklist already.
  • But what about the neighbourhood?
  • Is it on your checklist?

What is your FIRST impression?

  1. Does it “feel” like a place you’d like to live?
  2. How are the homes and yards maintained?
  3. How are the common areas and streets maintained?
  4. Do people seem friendly?
  5. How close is it to school and/or work?
  6. Is it quiet or noisy?
  7. Access to major roadways?
  8. Access to shopping, dining, etc.?
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