Home Loan Connexion Redlands – Australia Accredited Mortgage Broker Service with a philosophy of ensuring YOU, receive the best possible service and a choice of available loans appropriate for YOUR circumstances.

Whether your are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, you will need a service that gives you the knowledge to help you choose a loan that is flexible enough to suit your changing lifestyle. So that your long term goals can be attained as well as the ‘here and now’.

First Home Buyers

For the first home buyer, we offer a service that takes you through the process. As this will be the first purchase of a property there will be many questions and concerns. From your first contact with us, we will help make your home purchase as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

Professional Service

Whether you are a seasoned or first time investor, we offer a Professional Service, that helps you look to the future. We provide appropriate loan packages that are suitable for your current circumstances and adaptable for future purchases, looking at taking you through wealth creation.

There are significant factors that you need to take into consideration when purchasing an investment property compared to a home, we can help you take note of these, to maximise your chances of making a successful investment purchase.

Like to free up some equity in your home?

Reverse Mortgage – SEQUAL accredited, we give a Reverse Mortgage Broker service that offers you a choice of reverse mortgages to suit your circumstances enabling you to have the flexibility you require.

** For peace of mind we have a range of insurance products available.

Mortgage TIP: Remember that your purchase is a finance transaction, buy with your head not your heart. “

“Government, lender and legal fees may apply to some loans.”

“All loans are subject to individual lender requirements and lending criteria”.




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