Living in a great neighbourhood matters!


When purchasing a home considering the neighbourhood is as important as the house!  If the neighbourhood is less than desirable chances are you will never be happy – no matter how ‘perfect’ the house is.

Not only that, but the neighbourhood you choose to purchase in will affect the purchase price and therefore the resale value of your most valuable asset – your home.

While everyone is different, and each will have their own home-buying priorities, here are some things you should consider when choosing the right neighbourhood for YOU:

·           Is it considered a safe neighbourhood?

·           Is it close to work/schools/shopping?

·           Is it close to good health care services – Doctors/Hospitals?

·           Are the public/common areas clean and well maintained?

·           Will the area suit your lifestyle and your interests?

·           How did you feel when you first came into the area?  Has that feeling changed with some time?

·           Are the homes and yards in the neighbourhood well maintained?

·           Do the people around seem friendly?

·           Is it quiet or noisy?

·           Do you have easy access to major roadways?

If you personally know someone who lives in or close to the area, why not ask them for their honest opinion. 

Take some time to walk through the local shopping centre, or local restaurants – you will soon get the general feeling of the neighbourhood – and who doesn’t need a good excuse to go shopping and out for lunch…you are going to conduct important ‘market research’!

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