What do I need to apply for a home loan?



  • Two most current payslips
  • Two years tax returns or Group Certificates
  • Rental income verification. If using rental income for loan servicing
  • 100 points of ID (eg Passport and Drivers Licence)
  • Confirmation of Deposit Funds (savings history if required)
  • Copy of executed purchase contract executed by at least the vendor showing purchase price and all purchaser names.
  • Rates Notice for any existing properties
  • Copy of Title Deed if property is unencumbered.
  • Latest statement of all current debts


  • Last TWO years balance sheets & profit & loss
  • Last TWO years company financials
  • Last TWO years personal returns or Group Certificates

 All other requirements as per PAYG points are also required.


All of the above requirements are relevant, with the addition of:

*** Last 6 months statements of all debts being refinanced

Please note: Minimum documentation can vary between lending institutions.

Consult your mortgage broker for a more accurate list of what they will require for a home loan.

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