Would YOU buy YOUR home?

As the saying goes ‘First Impressions Last’!

This works not only for the people we meet but the properties we see.So if you have decided to sell your home, give it the best chance at selling fast by making a great first impression.Put yourself in the buyers shoes and take an honest look at how your home presents –TRY to distance yourself emotionally and note what could be done to improve its appeal.

Don’t panic thinking this is going to cost you a fortune. Low cost improvements and repairs can make an enormous difference to your property’s presentation. More than anything you will require a little elbow grease!

Here are some suggestions to help you bring your home into the ‘I Love It’ zone.

• Make minor repairs that are especially noticeable – holes in walls, damaged doors, make sure everything opens and closes properly and is in working order etc.

• A fresh coat of paint can make an enormous difference. Go for light neutral colours – especially for rooms that are a little dull.

• De-clutter!!! Most of us have a few sentimental things on display around our homes…and then some of us are hoarders! Do your best to remove as much clutter as possible – even the kids pictures off the fridge (at least for the inspection). While you still want your home to feel like home, you need potential buyers to envision it as their home.
• Get scrubbing and spring clean…even if it is Autumn. Buyers will open doors and cupboards, so make sure what is behind them is clean and presentable. That goes for the oven door too!

• Clean windows and tracks – mould on windows and sills..and window coverings is not a good look – nor is it good for your heath.
• Ensure your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry are spotless and well presented…don’t leave the washing up in or on the sink or your dirty washing in the laundry…we don’t need to mention the bathroom do we!

• Make sure your floors are also clean. If you feel it necessary have them professionally cleaned before your home is open for inspections.

• Go over your gardens. Weed, fertilize and mulch and prune.

• Keep lawns mown and raked. Keep bins out of site if possible – if not keep them away neatly. Many people will drive past your home before turning up for an inspection.

You have prepared well and now your home looks so good you might even be thinking twice about selling!

If you are determined to go ahead anyway, on the day of inspection make sure you have:

• Cleaned up everywhere – yes EVERYWHERE.

• Opened the house up to let as much light in as possible. If there are darker rooms turn on a lamp or other artificial lighting.

• Put away the clutter you have not permanently removed.

• Make sure your home is a comfortable temperature – heat or cool if necessary.

• Remove any valuables.

Hopefully now potential buyers will fall in love with your home as soon as they lay eyes on it. It is often the original emotional reaction that a person will remember long after they leave.

It can also be what will prompt them to make an offer you can’t refuse.

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